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About us - KIYA Nihonbashi

Since its founding in 1792, KIYA Nihonbashi has manufactured high quality, Japanese knives. With several kitchen stores and growing expansion, we provide a range of cutlery, kitchen tools and utensils. Highly recognized in Japan, we are passionate about offering the best Japanese knives with care and attention.

In April 2017, KIYA Nihonbashi is celebrating its 225 year anniversary. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their continued patronage. KIYA looks forward to serving you for the next hundred years!

KIYA has expanded sales to North America in 2017, by partnering with VEGA Direct Inc. in Canada for online distribution. North American customers can now purchase our kitchen knives online through https://kiya.ca/

For more information on the KIYA stores in Japan, please visit the following pages for more information:

Japanese KIYA website (in English)

Japanese KIYA website (in Japanese)